Covid-19 Member Information


We appreciate that you will have concerns about the impact of Covid-19 on your family, friends and colleagues.

As your Credit Union, we take your health, wellbeing and financial concerns extremely seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely and will respond on the basis of the advice from the Scottish Government and the NHS.

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Discover our new range of loan options

We value our members and understand that the current situation is not easy for those who have been affected by the coronavirus. During this time, we have been developing new loan products that will give a helping hand to those who need some financial help right now. Alongside our current loans we now have:

Supportive Loan

A loan for £1,500 with manageable monthly payments over 3 years. Find out more.

Thank You NHS Loan

A loan package to say Thank You to those who support us, keep us well and save lives - our NHS members. Find out more.

Loyalty Loans

Secure a highly competitive loan rate and borrow against your savings. Find out more.

Capital Swift Loans

Capital Swift Loans are designed for our members who need a quick solution to an unexpected financial challenge. Find out more.


We will continue to serve our members and provide them with the best we have to offer. Clear, fixed, and competitive rates for unsecured borrowing are available to everyone who meets our lending criteria. What you see is what you get, no hidden increases or additional fees. We will assess each loan on everyone’s individual circumstances and help you save, borrow and plan for the future.

We know this is a worrying time and if you have any questions about our services, products or you wish to discuss your specific circumstances then please do contact our member services team on 0131 225 9901 or


FCA Temporary financial relief

You may have seen and read about the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidance for firms who offer credit products and how they are supporting those who have outstanding loan balances.

The FCA is recommending lenders freeze payments for 3 months on loans where consumers face difficulties in repayment due to a change in their circumstances as a result of the coronavirus.

Credit Union loans are exempt from this guidance due to our business model being different from banks and credit card companies, but we are here to help our members.

We will be offering a range of options to help and assist our members at this time. If your circumstances have changed, please contact us, so we can work out how best to help and support you.

Visit the FCA website for guidance.

Discover your available options.

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Office availability

Following the government’s advice regarding the spread of coronavirus we have taken the decision to close our offices in Edinburgh and Musselburgh to safe guard our members and staff.

We are now working 10am to 4pm to continue to provide a service to our members.


Telephony update

We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes into our Member Services team. We appreciate your understanding as we help our members seek reassurance and advice on their financial queries. Please remember that you can always contact us by e-mail or via online banking and we will respond to every request as soon as possible.

If you still wish to speak to a member of our services team, please call us on 0131 225 9901 (Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm).


General information

We are still open for business and will continue to maintain a high level of personal service during this period via the phone, internet, and our website. However, we have taken the decision to close both our offices to member access at Hamilton Place Edinburgh and Brunton Hall, Musselburgh in an event to protect our staff, members and reduce the spread of the virus.

We are well equipped to continue providing our core services and where appropriate we have mobilised our team to work remotely.

Please make use of our remote services (e-mail, phone, website and online banking portal) and note the following recommendations:

  • Use our internet banking portal. If you are not already registered please join here.
  • Use our website to manage your account and apply for any loans you require.
  • Where possible, please send digital copies of all required documentation rather than by post. However in the event this is not possible, please use our branch post boxes and/or the Royal Mail for documentation and your signed loan agreements until further notice.
  • If you have a non urgent enquiry please contact us by e-mail ( and we will follow up as soon as possible. This will enable our member services team to focus on urgent phone enquires.

We will continue to keep everyone updated through our communications channels and news feeds as we monitor the situation on a daily basis.

We know this is a worrying situation and if you have any concerns or questions about our services, products or your specific circumstances then please do contact our member services team on 0131 225 9901 and they’ll do their very best to help.


Managing your Savings, Loans & Mortgages


If your income has become affected by the disruption from the coronavirus, we have options to help you. These include:

  1. Reducing your weekly/ monthly savings contribution to a more manageable amount.
  2. Access your savings without incurring fees. Early closure of premium and platinum accounts will incur no fees.
  3. Consider our loyalty loans to gain access to credit against your savings with no setup fees and maintain your savings.
  4. Payment holiday, stop paying into your savings account.

If you are concerned about your financial situation, please contact us, we have a range of options to help and support you.


If you’re concerned about your loan as a result in a change in circumstances due to Covid-19 outbreak, we have options to help you:

  1. Make your loan payments from savings.
  2. A payment holiday of two months, based on eligibility and documented evidence that your income has reduced as a result of redundancy. At the end of the two month period we will contact you to see if you need further support. 
  3. If you are suffering financial hardship, please do get in touch, we may be able to help with a small additional loan to help you with the essentials.

We want to help and ensure that you can continue to save and borrow with Capital Credit Union. In the event you fail to get in touch this may result in your account going into default and this will impact your credit rating and ability to borrow in the future, not only with Capital Credit Union, but other lenders as well.

Please contact us so we can find a solution that meets your situation.


If you are struggling with your monthly mortgage payment due to Covid-19, you may want to consider a payment holiday. We can offer a 2 month payment holiday for members whose circumstances have changed and their income significantly reduced.

To apply for a payment holiday, please contact the office and we’ll confirm your eligibility and sort out the payments.

You can apply for a payment holiday:

  • If you have a joint mortgage, and everyone agrees to the holiday payment
  • If your mortgage payments are up to date
  • If yours or your household income has reduced as a result of Covid-19

At the end of the payment holiday, we will recalculate your monthly payments and the amount you owe will increase to accommodate the missed payments. Your mortgage term will remain the same and the payments due from the payment holiday will be added over the reminder of your mortgage.

In the meantime, please do not cancel your direct debit or payroll payment for your mortgage. Contact the office on 0131 225 9901 so we can make holiday arrangements and we’ll take care of the rest.