A message from our CEO

Dear Members,

We are, without a doubt, in unusual times. For most of us we have never experienced life in lockdown, never had the safety of a nation in our hands, but we do today, and for the foreseeable future.

We are using the words unprecedented, never more important, we are all in this together regularly, but they are fitting, especially at Capital Credit Union because every one of our 23,000 members are in this together. We were in it together at the beginning of the year and we will be at the end of the year. CCU is open for business, we are here for our members every day and will be throughout the coming weeks and months and beyond.

We are listening when you tell us what you need, whether it is access to your savings, a small loan to get by, or a payment holiday on your mortgage. We are already working on new products and services as we come out of lockdown. Members needs will change, they will be immediate in some circumstances and longer term in others. We are ready to do what it takes to get our members back in a good financial position. We are ready to help those who need to build financial resilience. We are ready to welcome new members that need our help.

To all our members and future members, to our staff and board, and to our NHS staff and NHS members: We are here for you.

Get in touch if you need a helping hand with your finances, CCU is open and ready to help.


- Marlene Shiels, CEO

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