Build up your credit score for when you need it.

Getting access to credit for the first time can be difficult. Most high street lenders base their decisions on your Credit Score. But if you’ve never borrowed before and have no credit history, then you’ll have a very low, or no, Credit Score. That means, even if you are offered credit, it can cost you a lot more to borrow.

But don’t worry. We can help.

By saving regularly with us and taking out a small loan when you need it, and can afford it, together we’ll help you build your financial credibility. Building your Credit Score can boost your chance of getting access to goods and services - things like mobile phones, car hire, or house rental agreements. Credit histories are also examined by some companies as part of their recruitment process. So, it’s important to build up the best score you can.

CreditBuilder offers Capital Credit Union Members aged between 18 and 26 a more responsible way to save, build up your Credit Score and to borrow within your means, once your Credit Score and circumstances allow*. This promotes responsible borrowing and supports you through a financially vulnerable part of your life.

If you, someone in your family, or a friend wants to build up their Credit Score, then why not call on 0131 225 9901,  email us at or pop into one of our offices for a chat.

* Loans are only available to Members aged 18 years and over.