Loan protection insurance

Added peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Capital Credit Union exists for the benefit of its members.  One of the unique benefits of being a member of the credit union is the free savings insurance and loan protection insurance offered.

In terms of loan protection insurance, the following is a summary of the cover currently provided:

Members are covered by our loan protection insurance up until the day of their 70th birthday.  The insurance would see the balance of their credit union loan (subject to a maximum individual member limit of £25,000) paid off in the event of their death. 

Six month pre-existing condition limitations are in place and no cover is provided from the day of the member’s 70th birthday.

Please note:
Loan protection insurance cover is not guaranteed and may be subject to change as market conditions and circumstances dictate.  For more information on the cover and the terms and conditions and exclusions in place at any time, please contact the Capital Credit Union office.