How much would my mortgage be?

How much your mortgage costs obviously depends on a lot of factors - for example, how expensive your mortgage is, how big a deposit you have and how long you want to pay it over.

What we can do is show you an example of a common mortgage we get asked for:

  • a two bedroom property
  • costing £130,000
  • taken out over 25 years
If you have... we can offer... with a deposit of... paying interest of... ...repaying monthly
...First Time Buyer 95% mortgage £6,500 4.75% (4.9% APRC) £704.10
...a basic deposit 90% mortgage £13,000 4.75% (4.9% APRC) £667.04
....a good deposit 85% mortgage £19,500 3.75% (3.8% APRC) £568.12
...a great deposit 75% mortgage £32,500 2.75% (2.8% APRC) £449.78 excellent deposit 50% mortgage £65,000 1.75% (1.8% APRC) £267.67

Important Information

Our mortgage products have limited availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Early repayment charges apply. Any other charges and fees may apply.

Applications are subject to standard lending criteria and all loans are subject to status.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.