July Lottery Winner – Morris Friary

The Lucky Ticket!

Morris Friary, who has been a Capital Credit Union member for many years, writes many tickets per day. But he was delighted that on this particular occasion, another type of ticket had HIS name on it! Morris, who works for one of our Select Partner Groups - NSL, who keep Edinburgh's parked cars in check, was absolutely delighted and shocked when he won our big lottery prize of £3000 in July! It helped make Morris's recent camping trip just that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. However, Morris knew nothing about his win as he did not pick up the voicemail messages left for him. It wasn't until one of our eagle eyed Capital staff noticed a traffic warden outside our building and pounced to ask if he knew a Morris Friary. It turned out that the said warden, was in fact Morris himself! Morris was obviously over the moon at the news.