Nina - NHS Lothian

Nina Kunkel works as a living kidney transplant co-ordinator at NHS Lothian.

"I’m originally from Ireland where there is a credit union on every corner and they are very much ingrained in the culture as part of the local community. When I first moved to Edinburgh I didn’t join a credit union and then one day saw the Capital advert on my NHS payslip. That was over 10 years ago and I’ve had multiple loans with them ever since.

My most recent loan was for a new car after an accident and I’d originally gone through a comparison website as the rate looked very low. By the time the approval came through the rate had doubled. It was like a Eureka moment for me and I went straight to Capital – the rate they quote is the rate you get.

I’m much more comfortable dealing with a credit union as they don’t get you into strife and my loan payment and savings come straight off my salary. They are more thorough at the outset than banks, but it means you only borrow what you can afford. They don’t feel like a financial institution and I really like the ethos of people looking after people."