Savings & Loan Protection

Capital Credit Union exists for the benefit of its members. One of the unique benefits of being a member of the credit union is the free savings insurance and loan protection insurance offered, giving you added peace of mind when saving and borrowing with us.


Savings Insurance

When you become a member with Capital Credit Union, you are provided with free Savings Insurance, which can give your family a financial benefit when they need it the most.

Members are covered by our life savings insurance up until the day of their 80th birthday.

The amount of cover provided (subject to a maximum individual member limit of £3,000) is based on the age of the member at the time of their death and their savings balance.

Age at death % of savings covered Maximum cover provided
16 to 64 100% £3,000
65 to 79 25% £3,000


Loan Protection Insurance

When you take out a loan with Capital Credit Union, it is covered by our Loan Protection Insurance up to a loan amount of £20,000. So in the event of your death, your loved ones won't be left paying off outstanding debt.

Members are covered by our loan protection insurance up until the day of their 70th birthday.

Age limit Loan term limit Loan amount limit
Members 70th birthday 25 years £20,000


For more information on the cover and the terms and conditions and exclusions in place at any time, please download the policy forms below or contact the Capital Credit Union office via phone on 0131 225 9901 or e-mail at

Please note: Savings Insurance and Loan Protection Insurance policies are held by the credit union, not each individual member. Members receive these free protections as a benefit of membership. Savings Insurance and Loan Protection Insurance cover is not guaranteed and may be subject to change as market conditions and circumstances dictate.