Christmas Saver Account

Why not pay up this Christmas in advance?

Everyone's got one of those friends that saves each year for Christmas and starts the New Year with a clean financial slate. Why not give it a shot yourself this year, with our Christmas Saver account?

  • Save as little or as much as you want, as often as you like.
  • Save by direct debit (or through your salary if you work for one of our select partner employers), by debit card or cheque payments, or a mixture of both.
  • Christmas Saver Accounts pay a dividend each year
  • Christmas Saver Accounts include free savings insurance (terms and conditions apply).

Savings in Christmas Saver accounts are locked down until 1st November each year. You can transfer your savings into your bank account by online banking, by phone, or by coming into the office before this date, but your account will be closed down afterwards.