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Do you know the name of the cashier at your bank?

In fact, do they remember your name?

It’s common to feel like just a number at traditional banks. Afterall, they do call you customer.

But we believe that the people holding your money should have a closer relationship with you.

They need to care about your problems so they can provide professional financial support to help you, not just survive, but thrive.


Why become a member?

  • Ethical approach - we care about you. You’re a member not a customer. People Helping People is our ethos so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.
  • Save - every member saves at least £15 a month. By saving up a nest egg you’ll feel confident that you can handle what life throws at you. Free savings insurance*
  • Borrow money - competitive rates on loans and mortgages. For those big expenses you need a helping hand for. Free loan protection insurance*
  • Bonus - option to enter monthly lottery draws. Get paid £5 for each friend or family member you refer. More cash in your pocket.

* terms and conditions apply.


Am I eligible to join?

If you live or work in the East of Scotland, employed by one of our Select Partners or are a member of the trade union Community, then you're eligible to become a member.


What is a credit union?

A Credit Union is like a bank but not-for-profit. Any surplus generated is paid back as a dividend to all our members.

We build wealth rather than debt. Our members save a minimum of £15 a month.


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