Our FlexiLoan is the perfect solution for members who require funds regularly and at short notice. We can give you a pre-approved credit limit held in your account, which can be accessed whenever you need it most - putting you in the driver's seat.



  • Only pay interest on the amount you’ve withdrawn.
  • No additional paperwork when you withdraw more money - making it hassle-free and quick to access your money.
  • No hidden surprises – fixed rate loan, no set up or admin fees.
  • Free loan protection insurance - in the event of your death your loan is paid off in full. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Convenient access to funds online.
  • As you repay your FlexiLoan the funds become available in your account again – like a credit card.
  • Fairer alternative to bank overdraft charges and high interest rate credit cards, and there’s an end date for when the debt is repaid.


At a glance

Borrow between £500 and £5,000
Repayment period between 12 months and 5 years
% APR 16% fixed rate
Free loan protection insurance* Yes
Set up fees No
Administration fees No
Early repayment fees No

FlexiLoans are reviewed annually and at the end of your repayment period.



Whether you need a FlexiLoan for your wedding, renovations, holiday or Christmas, you can enjoy the benefits of easily accessing additional funds over time.


  • If you’re planning a wedding you could get approved for a FlexiLoan of £3,000
  • Initially you withdraw £2,000 to help cover the deposit of the venue
  • A few months later you want to hire a photographer so you withdraw another £700
  • Each time you withdraw more you don’t need to do any extra paperwork and only pay a fixed rate of 16% APR each month based on the amount withdrawn so far

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