Take a Break Loan

Payment breaks for your loan can bring a welcome injection of cash when you need it most.

With flexibility to choose your breaks, our Take a Break loan fits perfectly into your daily life. Use it to help ease your finances when you get an unexpected bill. Or take a break in the summer months to allocate more funds for that holiday you’ve been dreaming about.


At a glance

Loan Amount £2,500 - £7,500
Repayment instalments

1 Year - 12 months: 10 instalments, 2 breaks

2 Years - 24 months: 20 instalments, 4 breaks

3 Years - 36 months: 30 instalments, 6 breaks

4 Years - 48 months: 40 instalments, 8 breaks

5 Years - 60 months: 50 instalments, 10 breaks



introductory offer

Free loan protection insurance Yes
Set up fees No
Administration fees No
Early repayment penalties No
Top-ups allowed No
Requirements Must be a current member saving for 3+ months with us
Terms & conditions

Cannot take break within first 3 months of repayments

Cannot roll payment breaks over consecutive years beyond 2 payment breaks

No loan top-ups



  • Flexibility – you don’t need to decide your two months breaks (each year) today. You can set up your loan and allocate your breaks as and when you need them (5-days prior notice).
  • Ethical – friendly member services and no hidden surprises.
  • Free loan protection insurance – in the event of your death your loan is paid off in full. T&Cs apply.
  • Save while you borrow – continue to meet your regular savings to build up a nest egg for when the loan is paid back.