Select Partner Employers

A unique employee benefit

Capital Credit union has been offering payroll deductions since the beginning, over 30 years ago. We have over 75 partnerships that has seen many members benefit from direct payroll savings. Our select partner employers come from a range of different organisations. From public sector, to large and small commercial ventures, to local charities, to retailers large and small, in fact, any employer operating in our common bond area can sign up to enable their employees to save for a rainy day, access affordable credit, or a mortgage, and to build their financial future with us.

We make no charge to the employer or the member for this service, making it easy and convenient for your employees to save and become financially secure.

Many Select Partners are using their partnership with Capital Credit Union to establish this free staff benefit as part of their health and wellbeing initiatives. The feedback they receive is very positive and our members constantly tell us that being able to save directly from their salary is so convenient and easy, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

Contact us on 0131 225 9901 e-mail or fill out our webform and we'll organise the rest.


Why become a Select Partner Employer?

  • Building savings can relieve financial pressures for employees, making them more effective and productive in the workplace
  • Financial resilience is an important part of an employees overall wellbeing – happy staff, happy workforce
  • We can help and support you through education and awareness events, employee engagement events and provide key communications through Social Media, Email and web/ intranet updates
  • Payroll teams experience fewer requests for salary advances
  • Capital Credit Union has an ethical and responsible approach to lending
  • It is easy, convenient and hassle free for both the employer and employee
  • It is free – we do not charge for this service


Benefits for employees include

  • Becoming a credit union member and accessing all the benefits and services we offer from affordable loans with competitive rates and great mortgage solutions to a range of savings products and member only offers
  • It is a convenient way to save and hassle free to setup
  • Regular savings to build up financial resilience quickly, giving you funds when needed
  • Savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000
  • We offer free savings and loan insurance (terms and conditions apply)
  • Capital Credit Union maintain confidentiality regarding your financial status, your employer only deducts an amount, we only deal directly with the member
  • Multiple ways to access our services from online, email, post, telephone or face to face


See some of our current Select Employer Partners who offer the benefits of our products and services to their employees




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